This is our "PUSH & PULL" cleaning process.   

duct cleaning method toledo
We block before and after your furnace and A/C coil dividing your duct system in half.  We do this for two reasons. One it protects your equipment, two it gives us two smaller sections of ductwork to clean.

We hook our vacuum up, this gives us a negative pressure or a "PULL" toward our vacuum. Then from each register on that side will feed a tool called the Viper, down each run (just like snaking out a plugged drain).

The Viper, mixes about 200lbs of positive air pressure for the "PUSH" with an agitation that brakes up, dislodges and pushes the dust, dirt and debris back to the main trunk. We do this to each register one by one. Then from you basement or craw space* we start that same "PUSH" process across the main trunk and into our vacuum.

We then disconnect and it is the same process on the other half of the duct system. * Slab home? Process is a little different, but not a problem.

Every includes our sanitizing spray. For a price count all your registers (supply and return) & give us a call at (419)-472-2040. We can give you a price, that includes everything right on the phone.




We offer our duct cleaning services to the communties of Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Rossford, and Perrysburg.